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Fasting For Beginners

√Fasting Mindset
√Fasting Myth-Busting
√Fasting Detox Symptoms
√Fasting Preparation
√How To Break The Fast
√How To Maintain After Fasting

Intermediate Fasting

√Different Styles Of Fasting
√Benefits Of Fasting
√The Importance Of Hydration
√How To Avoid Loose Skin
√The Unknown Truth About Electrolytes

Expert Fasting

√How To Outline Your Fasting Schedule
√How To Prolong Your Fasting Regimens For Optimal Results
and more

Diet and Nutrition

√What Is Diet
√What Is Your Optimal Diet
√Foods To Avoid For Optimal Health
√How To Transition Your Diet
and more


AHA Fasting System

So You Can Get Things Done Using a Proven System as Your Blueprint.

I’ve developed “A Healthy Alternative fasting system” to literally help you get over the fear of fasting, get the support you need to push you through mentally and achieve your weight loss goals in record time.

I’m passionate about the “AHA fasting system” because I did it for myself and also duplicated it with many others.

No more taking tons of supplements, trying to burn fat by being in the gym for hours and spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on failed weight loss programs that over promise and under deliver.

People who struggle with their weight, whether it’s the first 100 pounds or the last 30 pounds, can benefit from the incredible power of fasting.

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