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Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

The Program to set your path straight.

A Mind Body Spirit Reset for the Years Ahead.

Join Us in creating habits for peak wellness in a new world…

About the Program

Imagine allowing yourself time to focus on overall healing that you have been searching for.
This coach led course is an intimate safe space to focus on getting to the root cause of unwanted habits.
Habits that you know are not serving you. It is designed to assist to as you shift into a new space where you learn how to live a life of balance and wellness.

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Online Access Anywhere

Enjoy our training programs in the comfort of your own home.

2 Bonus Flow Classes
Lessons & Essays

We provide Lessons, Essays, Study Guides and Thinking Reports that will play an integral role in you creating lasting change beyond the program. Perfect for Reflection

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Goal-Oriented Teaching

Our training programs are goal-oriented to ensure that our students get the results they want.

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Caring Instructors

Be Confidently guided by coaches who "practice what they preach".

Chris James

Founder and Perceptive Wellness Coach at A Healthy Alternative

Founder of AHA and author of Metamorphosis, Chris is excited to guide you with what he has gained through dedicated research, countless coaching sessions and personal experience.

Stephen Michael

Holistic Wellness Coach at A Healthy Alternative

A fundamental piece to the AHA Family, Stephen’s wellness journey has been both well-documented and highly regarded. What he has learned in his experience is life-changing, and he can’t wait to share it with you.


1 private community

1 Private Community

Access to AHA Accountability Group Discounts.
Member of the AHA 40 Day Wellness program have access to discounted rates to join the AHA Accountability group while completing the 40 Day program.
As you go through the program privately you can connect real time with others that are taking the coarse or have completed it for a limited time.

2 Bonus Flow Classes

40-Day Wellness Workbook

One digital 98-Page Workbook with proprietary AHA material will be given to students and serve as the backbone for the Program structure.

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Essential Oils of the Highest Purity

Students will be given hand-selected Essential Oils with complimentary pieces and will be taught how to use them for the best experience during the program duration and going forward.

Students will be be taught how to incorporate high quality Essential Oils into their healing journey. These essential oils have been proven to benefit participants of the course. A list of suggested essential oils will be provided.

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Guided meditation session

A Special Treat! You will learn how to quiet the mind in order to go deep within and create lasting change.

What 40-Day Wellness Coaching Program Participants are saying

Curtis S.

[Diabetes Free]”When I came to this Class, I was classified as Type 2 Diabetic. I had been a diabetic for 15 years. Learning some of these practices and putting these practices in place, several weeks after the class, I am proud to say am no longer classified as diabetic!”

Joy N.

“I’ve been battling with weight my whole life… This class helps deal with the emotions behind why we eat and how to process those emotions and how to work through those emotions.”

Jazmin's Experience

Jo Kneebone

“Two years ago, I had high blood pressure, gout, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune disease, dermatitis, you name it. And then, I got a diagnosis for diabetes. My life has done a 360, I’ve now lost 55 pounds… What made the difference?… Particularly the the ‘why’ exercise and the ‘heaven and hell’ exercise. I wanted this to work. And so I really took it seriously, I was in tears. It took me a day to just get past the emotional journey of just writing down in my journal. The steps with those exercises, it was amazing… Thank you Chris and Steven for the joy that you have now put back into my life.”

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Any Time

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Any Where

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Any Device

A Coaching Experience for the Ones Who Seek Change

Ultimate Workshop for Identifying, UnLearning & ReLearning of Habits.

Watch this Video from Tracey as she shares her experience of having recently been a "40-Day Wellness" student to Know More about How You Too Can Get a Shift in Perspective on How to Live Well in Perpetuity.

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The 40 Day Program has been proven to assist participants with taking control of their lives. Relationships have been mended, emotional healing has taken place and weight has been released. Allow Chris James and Stephen Michael to help guide you to holistic healing.