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40-Day Wellness Coaching

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in our 40-Day Wellness Coaching Program. You were chosen because of the organic conversation during your initial inquiry call with the AHA team member(s).  The coaches’ goals are to provide tools and support to participants who are ready to make long-term, transformational changes. We believe you are prepared to take the next step and make those changes.


The 40-Day Wellness Coaching Program will begin on August 21, 2021, at 5 pm Central Time. There will be two coaching sessions weekly. Each session will be two hours. Coaches Chris James and Stephen Michael will lead the first half. The second half will be interactive for the group, including Q&A. It is recommended to join live. However, there will be recordings of each session available for those unable to join live.

Tools Included in Your Coaching Box

Upon completing enrollment, you will receive the following items to enhance your experience throughout the 40-day program.

Harnessing the Power of Synergy

You will join other AHA members to enjoy a unique mental, physical, and emotional healing experience. Topics like identifying your why, developing self-forgiveness, and combating shame will be included. The uniqueness of this program is that it is organic. There is an outline and tools that will be sent, but the program’s core is unwritten as you and your peers will drive it making each class unique and giving us the ability to cater to your specific needs.  

Deep Dive

We will discuss multiple issues, provide suggested solutions, and encourage you to apply what you learn in real-time. The goal is for you to identify your particular areas that need strengthening. The program will be challenging at times as we tap into the root cause of issues that may have been avoided for years.

Coaches Commitment

We are committed to providing quality training based on experience, tools that can be applied immediately and encouragement to keep going. Ultimately, success will be driven by your open-mindedness, and ability to commit. What you get out of this 40-Day Wellness Coaching Program will correlate directly with your participation level in the activities – come prepared to break old habits and create new ones!

Secure Your Spot

The cost of this 40-Day Wellness Coaching Program that includes materials, weekly live sessions with your coaches, and members-only group chat is priced at $2995. However,  those making a full investment upfront can enjoy $495 in savings. The next steps are to complete your purchase now to claim your spot in the upcoming class. Then look out for your package, and celebrate your commitment to making the change you know you deserve to transform into the person you are destined to be. 

With Love, AHA Coaching Team

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** 40-Day Wellness Coaching Program Terms and Conditions

The current price point of the AHA 40-Day Wellness Program is $2995.

There is a nonrefundable fee that is 10% off the Program cost= $299.50 .

Refund requests less than 30 days from the start of class warrants a 50% refund.

After placing your order, you will receive an email from us, support@ahafastingacademy.com, with your account credentials (if you are new to the academy). If you do not see it in your Inbox, please check your Spam or Promotions folder, then email us. 

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