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Chris · May 21, 2019

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    1. The added benefit you get from juicing comes from the fact that you are not consuming as much physical material. When you juice you’re actually really just getting more water than anything else. This means that it’s less work for your digestive system as you have started the digestive process.

  1. I feel more comfortable with this fast that I’m currently on. It’s day 6 and I’ve lost 18 pounds so far. I will be drinking distilled water while fasting from here on out. Thank you for this great education

  2. Hello Chris, I am 60 years old female. I have just ( 1 week) started with the intermittent fasting but I find I am have acid reflux after my meal. This was never a problem before, is this normal?

      1. Hi Chris, I realized it was the ripe bananas that I was eating. Sine then I am good. For now I am just doing Amad because I need to win my husband’s support before diving into the total fast.

  3. I intend to live 30 more years. I will be 65 in 33 days, although I have never been on any of the currently prescribed medications, i am considered obese. I came across a healthy alternative by a devine course. I am so looking forward to this journey with the information that Chris is sharing with so many of us.So grateful for his program.

    1. Great attitude Pamela! I can relate to your perspective because I am 60 and know that postmenopausal changes are real. But the next 30 years can be our best years! Good luck to you on your journey!

      1. Thank you Essie! And I hope for the best on your journey as well! Looking forward to seeing your results 🙂

      1. Your program is encouraging and this is a real great group you have inspired. I appreciation the knowledge you have gained and the way you present the facts are simplistic and so powerful. Thank you Chris!!

  4. Every fast I have done my lower back kills me and sometimes down my legs I always thought it was from loss of minerals
    This class was very informative THANKS

  5. The videos on YouTube have been so helpful and I revisit them often. But I’m really thankful that Chris has put together this program. It gives me so much more guidance in reaching my weight loss goals and adopting a fasting lifestyle.

  6. This course was very informative and explained the process of fasting in an easy to understand step by step process with plenty of examples and details. I think that it would be great as the first course in the academy series as it sets the foundation for a water or any other type of fast.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. It certainly is the first for this category. Fasting for weightloss is a quick start guide for specifically looking for weightloss. The are separate classes altogether

  7. Although I’ve binge watched all of your videos over this year, this was a nice condensed review. I especially enjoyed the maintenance class. As I’m approaching my weight loss goal, I’ve been working on creating myself a maintenance plan. I was happy to hear that I was on track based on your recommendations! ☺Thank you for taking the time to create these videos!

  8. Thank you for this course, it has been very informative. Intermittent fasting will be my lifestyle fasting at this part of my journey. I enjoy it and a very comfortable with it. I am sure my future may have a different fast for me and i will welcome the challenge.

  9. Hi Chris, I Just joined your monthly program. I’m really interested in having some coaching/support on a 20 day fast that I am starting today. Is that what the monthly $14.95 charge is about? Please let me know?

  10. Hi Chris,
    Thanks SO MUCH for this “Beginner Fasting Course”! Last January 2018, I found your YouTube channel and AHA Facebook group. (Which has been a God send) And that same month I started my 1st pure water fast for 32 days and was successful. As I was ending my fast I was frantically searching the internet on how to properly break a prolonged fast. I wish the Academy was available back then. But it’s here now!!! Yay!!! You, your brothers and sister, as well as the AHA family have inspired me to restart my fasting journey at 56. I guess you’re NEVER too old to change bad habits! Right??? LOL!
    Thanks again & God Bless!

  11. Chris,
    Thanks SO MUCH for creating this Academy!!! I found your channel last January 2018 on YouTube (which was a God send) as well as your AHA Facebook group. Back then, I did my first pure water fast for 32 days with great results. But during that fast, I had to search the internet to find out how to properly comeoff the extended fast. I wish this academy was around at that time! Now I have all this great information that you provide in these courses to help me restart my journey with lasting results. You, your brothers & sister, as well as the AHA family have inspired me to restart this journey at 56. I guess you’re NEVER to old to change bad habits! Right??? LOL.
    Thanks again & God Bless!

  12. Chris, I have surprised myself. I have been on this fast for seven days and I have seen results.
    I want to break the fast for a week and return the following week. I feel great in terms of being
    able to get around much better, and if I can master this I am on my way. Thank you. I was
    266 lbs when I started. I weighed in today and I have lost 16lbs. I know I will continue.

  13. I enjoyed this “Beginner Fasting Course”. This has been very informative and has given me a better understanding of fasting and how my body is reacting to fasting. I am experiencing the rashes right now and have the lotion that I was prescribed. I didn’t know it could take so long for a rash to go away! Wow. So we have to be patient with our body during the detoxing period.

    1. Yesss be patient. The process the body goes though can certainly take some time. I seen some extremely bad rashes pimples ect… but the all go away. I suggest not using the prescribed lotion.

      1. Hi all,
        I am ready to do the fast to get rid of pain. My question is I have a fib and on heart medicine. Should I still take doing the fast? As I need some of it for clots.

      2. @dianatho1 You should Do light short fasts, while you focus on dietary changes and I cant recommend not take your medication yet you need to focus on the lifestyle changes first. Once the plaque in your arteries clear then you can look to remove the medication.