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Chris · May 21, 2019

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Loove your videos.
    Thank you very much for all the insight.
    I’ve been struggling with fasting and putting on wait after my fasts. I’ve tried going back to keto but I still really don’t loose weight and I’m still as addicted to food as always.
    Listening to your videos, something kind of hit me, I think it might be the transformed meat and dairy products, especially cheese, that creates my food cravings. I’m going to try to cut-off these out of my diet to see if it helps. I’m just a bit scared that I might be hungry all the time on mostly fruit and veggies
    Since you’ve followed quite a lot of people overweight, do they manage to have a normal relationship with food on this type of diet? Like I’d really like to get to a point where I’m not craving all the the stuff that’s not good for me and I haven’t manged too her there even with longer fasting. I’ve done 7 days, 10 days, 30 days and I aways end up gaining everything back in a couple of months.

    1. Thanks for all the love. Well you might be surprised at how satiating a potato avacado or chickpeas can be. When youre eating the right type of food you can eat more of it and it wont be detrimental because you will have regular bowel movements plus the food is mostly water anyway. The best thing to do is find new dishes to try. It’s a fun experience.

    1. I will certainly take that compliment with a smile thank you so much for sharing. It makes me happy to know that you all are getting the information the way that I meant for it to be received.

  2. I am enjoying all the videos and quizzes from the knowledge you possess! Are we able to go back and view this information at a later date if we choose and we are still members of this community, please let me know? Continue to do what you do and I will continue to do my research on hybrid foods. I am working on removing the four foods to avoid for optimal health! Thank you for all that you do!

  3. That’s a technical issue we are working on. But even if you get that one question wrong you should be able to move on. We will handle it for you today @7wudx

  4. Very clear and concise videos. Completely self explanatory.
    All the advice is on point ant the tips are great
    Finally a plan I can see through till the end.
    I am ever so pleased.
    Thank you so much.

    1. that’s such a blessing to hear!! That’s was literally my goal and to hear that the information I put forth it’s being received in the manner its intended means everything to me!!

  5. Thank you so much for these powerful videos
    they are so inspiring
    Actually I have been watching your videos since September 2018
    I AM so glad to be a part of a family that has the same health goals
    Peace and blessings to all