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Chris · May 21, 2019
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  1. The concept of “cycling” through the three main types of fasting is a new one for me. It removes the “I’ve failed”, “all or nothing” idea that I have used to stop and throw in the towel in my past aurora at fasting. Thank you for this empowering approach.

    1. Precisely. it really helps with those struggling with doing the long-term fasting but also increases the ease of the overall fasting process. Not to mention it highly effective using different methods in tandem.

    1. Are you signed in and able to view your profile and everything? You have some access to the site even though you’re not signed in which may make it seem like you signed in when your not lol. I’ll talk to the support team.

  2. If I decide to do a juice fast or just mix my fasting schedule how much juice do I drink or is it just to my preferred taste since I avoid juice I don’t want too much sugar

    1. My number one pick would be orange juice. I lovd the acidity and you get a great yield. Its inexpensive and has vitiman c.
      Apple juice is a great second for similar reasons as OJ. Apple helps to really get the bowels moving has malic acid to soften bile stones and taste great.
      Watermelon grapes (which you will want to water down) and celery juice dress all great options.
      Sometimes the juice awakens the desire to eat, everyone is different. If that happens increase your serving size of the juice. The juice is one of the least detrimental additions to a water fast.

      1. Increase the juice size if it re-awakens your desire to eat? Why increase it?

    2. It’s not guaranteed to awaken hunger but theres a breaking point. You’re not going to just continue to become more and more hungry at some point you’ll be satiated.

  3. These water theories has got me going! pretty interesting.
    Oh my goodness for no apparent reason my AHA bracelet just broke!! it’s not even a year old.
    I am so disappointed!

  4. hI think this where ive gotten the most so far (all sections are great of course) but strategies on prolonging my fasts are extremely helpful in my situation. im currently on my 4th try for a 40 day fast…on day 3. You have me believing i can do it right now – lol.