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Chris · May 21, 2019
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  1. So I’m on day 11, feeling good but have a few side effects. The one I got yesterday and today I have never heard of. I got a quick nose bleed. It didn’t run out but I felt it, I put a tissue up my nose and it went away. Is this a side effect or just something that’s happening to me?

    1. That’s very significant. Looks like your starting to learn the difference hunger and wanting to eat. Allow yourself an opportunity to cleanse the mind so that when you come off your fast you will think more clearly

      1. Thanks for the prospective, I made it through the night.You right I use to be a a smoker and the same way I would fire up and focus on the smoke in and out of my nostrils watching the ashes creep up it was a great distraction from what I didn’t want think about. I used food as a distraction. I have so much I want to see healed to see me in a place I never been.

  2. I have tried to complete the 30 days quiz numerous times. I have re-watched the videos trying to find the correct answers; however, for two questions, specficially (1) what type o.f meals for week 3 and (2) what can we have between meals. I have given what appears to be correct answers to no avail. As a result, I cannot move pass this point. Please advise. Thank you!

  3. My dates on my photos are a little off, I started on August 15th, but I didn’t weigh myself until the 21st. And my beginning photo date was actually the 5th of August . Anyhoo I’m on track now.

  4. Hello All, I am 11 days in. Doing well. I am excited. I am staying on track. I am on day 5 of the juice days (week 2). I started having foot and leg cramps today… so uncomfortable. I just drank some water, juice and stretched. That helped but I can feel it starting to come back when I stop. Any suggestions?

  5. I just started the courses and ordered my journal a week ago. Super excited to start my Health journey. I just found out yesterday that I’m pregnant. I realize full on water fasting may not be safe but I still would like to be healthier for me and my unborn baby. Curious about intermittent fasting juice fasting and healthy eating.

    1. Eating healthy is a huge factor. As far as fasting you can actually do one meal a day or short juice fasts. Your juice fasts should be half a gallon of juice or more each day.

      1. I just had my 3rd miscarriage. I didn’t have the news of being pregnant a week. I know I need to heal thy self I’m motivated more then ever to go on this health journey. I know something in my body is off. Including being over weight. Thank you for your help and support.

  6. My oh my! Where does one begin? Just finished the 30 day weight loss course. Rocky start as I was in the grip of severe ”fat head” and unable to stop myself from eating. Day 6, something clicked and I began to engage fully with the course. No hunger throughout the whole course, easy to follow, back pain (S.I. joint) gone, knees no longer screaming going up stairs, financial savings (purchasing a juicer with the extra cash), STOPPED SMOKING – HUGE unexpected advancement to better health (I’ve detested smoking for years and found it difficult to quit) and on top of all that, I lost 26lbs even though I wasn’t present for the first 5 days. Had a few days off (don’t mess around with re-feeding, take the fruit and take it slow!!) and leaping into week two again in the morning.

    Can’t thank Chris and team enough for bringing this information to the masses. Greatly appreciate all you do.

    Many thanks,

    1. I’ve been so blessed by the community this week, so many have been giving me feedback on the courses and everything. Its really encouraging. I genuinely appreciate you giving us such a detailed update!! Wow you stopped smoking!!! Wow!!! You are awesome, keep it up!

    1. Honestly I would just recommend dressing warmer. Its very common to feel cold during a fast. The blood moves towards the center of your body to focus on internal healing. It’s just one of those things ‍♂️

      1. Yes, it was a standout for me during our time in Tulsa.

  7. Today is Day 1 of my first fast! I just turned 56 and weigh 223 as of this morning. I have yo-yoed my whole life and just got finished with radiation treatment for breast cancer and am DETERMINED not to get cancer again whatever the cost. Everything I have read says that sugar feeds the cancer so this is it for me. I have watched so many of your videos and that is what put me on this journey.

    1. Amazing affirming Lisa! When in healing mode, I love to focus my energy toward healing thoughts and feelings so my body can align with it in harmony. This is best recommended for long term sustained healing, following the motivational period of which is a necessary catalyst for change. Keep us informed will ya

  8. Hello Chris,
    I am 3 days away from starting my 30 day fast. I have completed the 3 days 2 meals, 3 days fruit only and have 3 days left of juice only but I think I need to start over. I have not cheated but I think am setting myself up for failure. I am not one who preps, I usually just jump into it with both feet and just do it. The prepping is not working for me at all. I guess these are hunger pains I am experiencing, my cheeks tingle and my mouth is juicing. I know I have an issue with food as I have an oral fixation from sucking my thumb for years. I replaced thumb sucking with eating food and went from 120 lbs to 255 lbs over time. So I eat not from hunger but to satisfy the void left from not having my thumb. I am not doing this just for weight loss. I have to do this. My blood pressure is out of control and the meds I am taking to control it have my hair thinning an falling. They also don’t make me feel that great plus I don’t want to put those chemicals in my body anymore. I didn’t want to take pics until I February 1st when I start my 30 days all water some dry fast. I hate taking pics because of how I look but I know this is a necessary part of the process. I am really struggling tonight so maybe I will eat some fruit or something , reset my mind and start on Saturday as planned. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


    1. What you are experiencing I would refer to as detox symptoms. It certainly does happen during the prepping stage so that’s normal. Hunger pangs are typically discomfort in the stomach area. Addressing the oral fixation is going to be very important for you. Something you experienced as a child seems to have led you to led you to suck on your thumb probably as a coping mechanism. It would go a long way toward your progress to identify what this is and acknowledge it.
      As far as your prepping goes. What outline are you following? This course is a 30 day process and does not include a 30 day fast. My suggestion would be to follow the course outline.

      1. I sucked my thumb from infancy until the age of 27 so I have no way of knowing why or what caused this issue. I forced myself to stop by getting braces on my teeth. I had to stop due to the career I chose. Since I already have it in my mind that February will be the month I start this journey I will just start the course over from the beginning. I will just eat plant based for the first three days of the course and of the days leading up to February 1st. I don’t want to go back to meat and dairy as I feel it will hinder the progress I have already made. Thank you for the info

  9. Hi, week 1 went really well. I had 1 green smoothie a day. Because of unmedicated diabetes I’m limited to bananas and blueberries for fruit. So the smoothie with spinach, banana and blueberries works well. I went from 113kgs to 105.5 in the first 8 days. But I then started to cave in to picking at meat from what I cook for my 3 boys for dinners. I wasn’t hungry, but the mental cravings were constant. I’m not able to change my cooking and shopping situation so I have to learn to overcome my head 🙂 I decided to break it for a day with meatballs and a burger. The next day I had a gout attack so severe I couldn’t walk for 3 days. I’m still limping a week later. But unlike in the past where thats happened (I’ve played with OMAD for a year or so) I’m starting again today. I only put back on 2 kgs in that week. So starting at 107.5 kgs I’m ready for week 3. The gout or inflammation in my feet and ankles is a real motivation to stick to this. It’s totally debilitating. Have you had others with this reaction? Will the OMAD and fasting take this away? Goodness I hope so. I get this is a lifetime change. I’d love to hear if this has happened to others before. It’s a reminder that any sugars, even in a meat sauce will have a strong reaction. Great motivation to stick to this !!!

    1. Why can’t you change your shopping or the types of foods you eat?
      Right now you need to be very honest with yourself. It’s very obvious that the foods you are eating are a major contributing factor to the pain you endure. I’ve never had gout but I worked with a tough old Mexican guy who got it and was at work whining because of the amount of pain he was in. That lets me know it ain’t no joke. Distilled water while fasting will help you a lot! You can help gout with fasting. OMAD can work if done correctly. You need to be eating high water content foods on your one meal.

      1. Thanks for your reply. It’s very reassuring and motivating to hear that the gout pain will stop. I wasn’t very clear. I am absolutely changing what I eat. All alkaline from hear on in. I’m back following the program. No sugar, meat, carbs or dairy. I suppose I was just feeling sorry for myself and giving an excuse for breaking my good run for a day and setting off the inflammation cycle. I’m a single mum who works from home and have my 3 teenage/young adult boys living with me. They work full time as well as being elite kayak paddlers. They eat a healthy diet full of salad and fruit but it also includes meat, rice, bread, pasta. So I am always surrounded by foods I need to avoid. But this is not reason not to succeed. So after 2 days back on salads and fruit in a 4 hour intermittent window I already feel so much better. I’ve just watched your interviews with Michael and then with Vivien. Soooo inspiring. It makes such a difference being able to watch these videos. My whole mindset changes and I feel empowered again. I have so many health issues which are all self inflicted by a poor diet. How wonderful to know that I can heal myself!!! Plan going forward for when I feel tempted is to watch another video 🙂
        Thanks again

      2. Joanne. I completely understand:) so I had a thought. Theres something I’d like to send you to see if it will help with the gout. Inbox me

  10. Im struggling at this time, i must be depressed, because nothing is going good for me. Im so hungry, I want to eat. I need something,not sure what.

    1. Embrace the process write down how you feel and search for why it is you feel depressed. Really be honest with yourself. Its times like this where you have the most potential for growth!

  11. Peace Everyone
    I am at Day 13 and feeling great. I am anxious to know what the next 22 days will be like. I have a challenging because I didn’t buy a scale. I will makes my end of Wk 2 progress tomorrow. Just had to get that out. I might have missed a piece of the puzzle because of my busy lifestyle but I didn’t let it get in the way of me getting started. I’m amazed.

  12. You guys!! I thought I would confidently attack this challenge but I’ve been super distracted. I moved to another city and can’t focus.

      1. My distraction after my first 30/30 was going out of town traveling to a funeral and then traveling to a convention – driving to both locations took 12 hours each. I didn’t bring my scale! I believe that would have helped me stay on point. I gained about 15 pounds. Now I am on my second 30/30 challenge. Some tweaking, but I am progressing. Must learn from what distracts me for sure!

  13. Chris,
    I am ready for the week 1 and week 2 check-in.
    I want to plan for week 3. I am hoping to have this done today, please.

    I am progressing well. Thanks.