Intermediate Fasting

Chris · May 21, 2019
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  1. Chris! This was AHHMAZZIIINGGG! Thank you so mucf for all of the information you provided in this section. The different styles of fasting was very good; but the section on hydration was absolute FIRE! I have watched it twice already. Thank you again for your work and efforts in this program!

  2. Chris,
    Great information. Doctors have told me I had electrolyte issues for years. I have visited the ER on several occasions and was told that I was drinking too much water. The doctor prescribed table salt. I later was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my doctor prescribed high blood pressure meds. Long story short I started doing my own research and was able to get off the meds. I have completed several short water fast but included salt. After my consultation with you I purchased a distiller which I love. Plan to start another water fast but will try it without salt to see what happens. Thanks for the great information.

  3. Dear Chris,
    Thank you for your fine work. I joined the program earlier this week and every time I have a spare moment, I want to learn a bit more and more. I have taken the liberty to complete different sections although this is just my (4th) day on the Fasting for Weight loss Program.

    I joined the program to rid myself of 50 pounds, hoping to do it in 4 months or less. I am presently participating in the 30 pounds in 30 day challenge and I would like to know what fasting style we will use after the second week of fruit juice.
    I would like to know what type of fasting you would suggest after the challenge and what type of lifestyle fasting I might continue to utilize in my daily life.
    Thanks for your response in advance.

    1. Hi Viola. The program prepares you for a water fast which begins in the 4th week. Inorder to keep you momentum going I’d suggest one meal a day after the 30 days. That will help you lose and give you the flexibility to eat. Go through the other courses and you will see I talk more about the one meal a day.

  4. I have really enjoyed learning so much from everyone and I am so great full to a healthy alternative because I know i can lose my weight now and I don’t have to be scared anymore that I’m going to hurt myself.

  5. i finally understand about distilled water, which i had refused to consume because i associated it with something you used on appliances. I get it now good job…also the first question on quiz is not workin properly….at least not on my ipad using safari.

    1. Right!!! Seems like we are being led to believe distilled water isnt good for us on purpose. Distilled water is literally just pure water. If you told ppl you drink pure water they would have no qualms about it. Isn’t it funny how powerful words can be. Thanks for pointing out the issue with the question. Can you send a email to and they will look into the issue

  6. I found the type of water and causes for kidney stones interesting. I know people who have passed them and it’s extremely painful!