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  1. I was destined to cross paths with AHA and I’m excited to begin my new life. I’m always helping others and I’ve never put me first, but it is now my time. I’m planning to be selfish for this journey and focus on my weight loss goals and a new way of living healthy naturally. Whatever it takes it’s all about me.

  2. Hi! I am thrilled to start this health journey. I was lead to do a spiritual fast and was researching on YouTube when I found A Healthy Alternative. I want to reach my weight loss goals, conquer my addiction to sugar and emotional eating, start to eat a plant-based whole food diet, and most of all learn discipline by denying myself instant gratification through food and other bad habits. I am all in!

  3. Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be a part of this family! My sister in Michigan has started the Rolling 72 water fast and has saw amazing results her first week so she called and shared Chris James with me. I quickly began watching each video and taking notes. So far, the testimony of Evon “EatingForMyL1fe” has been my biggest inspiration. I’ve been struggling with being morbid obese since 2002 and am ready to transition to better eating and better living. This is my life.

      1. I’m failing drastically with the fast! I really want this to work. I’ve never met a challenge I couldn’t handle but this one is beating me up. My appetite is getting the best of me. I need help this round.

      1. Will do had a great session with Chris yesterday. My plan is to gather information and start the prep work 2.1.2022. Wow even writing the date is scary. LOL

  4. I am excited and apprehensive about starting the water fast. I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My last doctor visit my A1c was 5.8 and my doctor still prescribed 3 prescriptions Jardiance, Junuvia and metformin, I think this is an overkill and want to reduce my weight and by April when I have to test again. Ready to do the work.

    1. Good to have you here, Delores and focusing on health with us. Remember you are not victim to the diagnosis. A little bit of apprehension is okay. If you have any questions, let me know. You are on track

  5. Hi everyone! I’m really excited to continue my journey of transformation. I’ve only been watching AHA videos for about 2 weeks, binge watching, but I’m ready to go. This is the next step for me…I made many changes on my own but now want to try the fasting.want to work on discipline and changing my mindset, and of course losing more weight is a bonus. Glad to be here to learn, share and soak it all in.

  6. Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m so excited to partake in this new venture for me. I’ve never fasted before so I am taking baby steps and with your guidance, I will ease into this flawlessly! Mind over Matter for me.

    1. Remember. This is a journey there’s a lot to learn. Perfection is not measured by flawless mastery but in natural terms Perfection is measured by balance. There will be ups and downs, you just keep putting one foot in front of another.

  7. Although I’m vegan, I’ve still find it difficult to always eat the right foods. I started watching your videos on YouTube a couple of months ago. A few weeks after watching your videos I decided to do a 3-days fast. After I got past the 2nd day it was much simpler than I had anticipated. I was excited to see that you have the AHA Academy which I joined yesterday. I’m reviewing the videos and plan to start my next fast in a week. I’m looking so foward to going on this journey with like minded people and becoming as healthy as I possibly can…

    1. Vegans often have difficulty eating right because there’s a lot of fake foods for vegans and of course we are all human. Remember to give yourself grace throughout this process. Welcome to the community

  8. I am totally new in this journey and I will like to get the BEST of me to see if I am able to detox and clean my body inside-out. I am going to need the support of all

  9. Grand rising l know everyone is probably asleep. I’m at work with 4 more hours to go. Today is my next three days after the first three, lol . Day 4 fruit only 2 meals I remember I can have some water based soup as well. Wish me luck

  10. I am looking forward to transforming my mindset, weight and overall health and greatly appreciate all of the ways that AHA has to stay “plugged in” to a wealth of incredible resources!

  11. Great Lesson 1. I joined today July 18, 2021 and I’m looking forward to reducing my cholesterol, lowering my BP, and of course shedding 60 lbs—give or take a few. Lol… Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to learn and benefit from your journey!

  12. Greetings! I am happy to be here. I desire to cleanse and lose the extra 20 pounds I’ve picked up over the last couple of years. I am looking forward to feeling good and travel starting this summer (2021).

      1. Thank you, Chris. I am looking forward to it. My body and spirit want and need this.

  13. Hi there. I’m sooooo excited to be here. I was initially diagnosed with Graves Disease some years ago, but after consuming radiation to get rid of my malfunctioning thyroid, I now have hypothyroidism. My weight has been a serious struggle since then. At one point I made the decision to go vegetarian and that helped tremendously but I just couldn’t seem to finish. To get to my goal. I am excited about the fasting. I have done it off and on for spiritual reasons, over the years, and felt great. But I really didn’t understand the whole process. I’m getting it now and the weight is coming off, FINALLY. I started with a 40 day fast, 2 weeks off. Then 5-2, 3-2, and now I am on another 5-2. I just KNOW I am going to finish this time.

    1. WOW Michelle, your journey is inspiring. A long-term fast can really transform an individual. DO you feel transformed? And it seems you have found your groove with the 5-2 fasting schedule. That is beautiful. Let us know if you need anything along your journey

      1. I feel that I am in the process of being transformed. It has always been hard for me to truly see myself, except for my flaws that is; but now I can see the changes in my body and I can smile when I look at myself. I am starting to be happy in my skin again. I am just trying so hard to be patient with the process. Thank you for your support.

  14. Hello everyone I hope your fasting week was as good as mine. Im excited as I maneuver through this platform. I am receiving genuine jewels. Thank you.

  15. Hello, I am really wanting to lose weight. I have tried so many other things, but have gained back and more. I am ready to feel better about myself and be able to play with my son.

    1. “I am ready to feel better about myself and be able to play with my son.” That is a huge “why” Jennifer. Thank you for being here and choosing wellness. Let us know if you need anything

  16. Hello, I am a New beginner to this course. My goal is to lose weight the safe effective way. I have tried so many diets and weightloss products to no avail. I have had so many health issues in the past. The information I read thus far is interesting and I am looking forward to using the information to a better health.

      1. Thank you, I am a bit scared as I have tried so many weight loss program and all has failed. I am willing to learn and do the right stuff. Look forward to all the support that is given.

  17. Hi James,

    I have a very busy life style and tried fasting before but I used to get bad headaches and then end up eating because I would associate the headaches with hunger. What would you recommended to do in this case? I really want to continue to fast but I’m afraid of getting headaches

  18. Hello Chris, I have been trying to loose weight for years. I even had weight loss surgery. I did loose some weight but never got to my goal weight. This was done in 2013, and I am back at my starting weight before my surgery. I am tired of these quick fix diets. I am ready to try fasting not only to loose weight but just to get healthy period. I have to get my mind right before I start fasting.

    1. The mental aspect of this wellness journey is often overlooked and extremely important. As you mentioned the quick-fix diet tricks are very alluring to one who is not mentally prepared for the journey that your health requires. You have an excellent start point, and seems like you’re ready to begin.

  19. Hi Chris,
    I was at my witts end using everything I know to loose weight . I ran across several people on YouTube saying fast . One told me my miracle was on the other side of a 3 day fast . I pushed and got through 24 hrs felt a little dizzy had a cup of broth then continued I made it through the 72 hrs and yes I was down 5 lbs . It was hard to keep going. I happen to be minus a gallbladder and trying vegan eating , I think I was still consuming too much fat nuts etc . I think I’m on the right track but I just need guidance. I do subscribe to your channel but this time watching the lady that lost 200 lbs caught my attention because I saw her before on your channel .
    So here I am fight to get below 200 lbs for 5 yrs since the gallbladder was removed and I get down to 204 then I get stuck . I’m
    Looking forward to the fasting lifestyle, I wanna get thin and be healthy ! Before this year is out . I wanna come out of this pandemic a different person !

  20. Hello Chris,
    Today is my first day coming back to AHA, I am making a commitment to stay focused and trust the process also to be consistent. I want to get healthy and not have any obesity related illnesses. Talk with you soon and thanks for AHA Academy!

  21. So I started watching on YouTube, then talked myself to start 20hr/4hr OMAD fasting on Aug 20th, it’s been 8days. Decided to join AHA on Facebook two days ago and eventually it lead me hear today. Just finished with the intro. I’m hoping to slowly transition into 3/4 by day 21 before I start the 5/2. I’m excited because I’m already feeling great, and can’t wait till I can do longer fasts. I’ve been overweight for so long and I just need a good healing. I look forward to being part of this amazing community.

  22. Hi Chris!!
    I just completed the intro as well!! I’m very excited to continue to grow, learn and heal through WF as well. I am doing the 5/2 WF Challenge on the AFA Facebook page. The interaction has been GREAT!! I am very excited to be apart of the AHA movement to becoming a better SELF!!
    Peace and Blessings going forward!!- Shahida

  23. I just completed the introduction and I am so excited! I have completed 2 three day fasts that started as a five day fast. I am looking forward to completing my course work and getting started!

    1. Hi Betsy!!
      I just completed the intro as well!! I’m very excited to continue to grow, learn and heal through WF as well. Peace and Blessings going forward!!- Shahida

      1. Good morning! I hope your journey is going well! I am officially starting today. I am taking my picture, my measurements and I have my journal all ready to go. Thank you for your reply and encouragement.

  24. Thanks Chris, I started my first water fast this past Tuesday and decided to end it Friday afternoon when I took some blood and measured my glucose, hemoglobin and hematocrit using a test strip and meters. My blood volume was very low even though I was drinking a gallon of water each day with electrolytes (I’ll stop the electrolytes). I couldn’t get enough blood to check my ketone level (the little spot of blood I squeezed out of my finger wasn’t enough to fill up the test strip). I did lose about 15 pounds during this 4 1/2 day fast.
    I’m 62 years old and start weight was 358. My weight when breaking the fast was 343. I’m eating light this weekend and hope to begin another water fast on Monday.
    Any suggestions?

    1. How did you “feel” before you stopped? If you felt good but were just concerned with the numbers, I would say try again, same process record the numbers after five days and document how you feel. You will start building a profile after two more rounds of this based on how you feel you could consider extending the fast, even if the numbers are off. Sometimes the figures can be high or low while on a fast; this is normal. We need to monitor numbers and how you feel, and based on those to things, we can move forward or rework it.

  25. I’m on my second day of water fasting. Lesson one said not to put anything in my water. I’m putting pink salt in my water and taking a potassium tablet because I’m also taking a blood pressure med with a diuretic. Is this ok? Thanks

    1. You shouldn’t put anything extra in your water. Also you should monitor your blood pressure closely. Fasting will help your body regulate your blood pressure.

  26. Hello All, I am ashamed to say that I have been a member of the AHA Fasting Academy over an year and I am just now starting the course… Shame on me. I just completed the welcome and the first lesson of the 30 dat weight loss course. I am starting my first day of the challenge tomorrow! I have my first 14 days all mapped out! I’m excited! TTYL!

  27. I’ve been following AHA since 2018. Chris was the final step in my 2 year research of Water Fasting. The AHA channel was truly an inspiration. I did my first WF during November of 2018 and lost 37 lbs during my 18 day WF. I learned MANY amazing things during this WF. One of my top discoveries was that Chris was SPOT ON with what would happen during each phase of the WF. I also discovered that my biggest challenge was the push back I received from people when they discovered I was ONLY DRINKING WATER. Most freaked out!!! And all seemed to be “Experts” on why I shouldn’t do it…until I asked them “What actual research have you done on water fasting and have you ever tried it?” Their reply…mostly silence. I am on my latest EWF (extended water fast), day 5 so far and have lost 16 lbs. I started at 335 and this morning weighed 319. WF has changed my relationship with food. Before WF I felt like food controlled my life. Now I feel I am back in control. Amazing!!! Thanks Chris!!!!

  28. Hi, I came across Chris James about a month ago as I was on YouTube searching for ways to Cleanse my liver so that I could effectively loose this unwanted weight that I’ve been carrying longer than I want to. And to mainly get back a lifestyle of Spiritual Enrichment of my Spirit, Soul and Body. Years ago, I lived a Fasting Lifestyle and it was so natural that it was like breathing. I would fast at least 3 days a week for spiritual enrichment and mental clarity and I was in a healthy state spiritually, mentally and physically. I had gotten away from it, but now is time to get back, because the enemy, the devil himself is trying to inflict health issues upon and I refuse to except it. So here I am seeking help to give back to the devil everything that belongs to him. That includes his ailments, his fat, his aches and pains, his gluttounous-like behavior, because none of these are included in the “Covenant” of Accepting and Receiving Jesus Christ into my Life. Matthew 4:4- Man shall not live by bread alone, but by “Every Word” that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Chris, Thanks for accepting and I look forward to prevailing in the Name of Jesus !!! (The Tree of Life)

    1. Wow Jane, I’m with you!! You are going to bring forth all the changes you desire. I’m so excited to be here at the genesis of your transformational journey!

      1. Hi Chris,
        I am really looking forward to learning how to get started with my fasting process!

      2. I want to go on a 30 Day Fast starting July 01 – July 31st 2020. What is the best way for me to prepare for it, so that I complete the process?

      3. Complete the 30lbs in 30 days fasting for weightloss course and you’ll be ready! I dont recommend jumping into a fast, I really dont you need. You can do week one of the course and start the 30 days but I recommend completing the entire month.

  29. Hi all. Well what can I say, I have been following Chris on YouTube for over a year and always felt motivated after his videos but never did anything about it. Well here I am making the first step on a path that I am hoping not only to lose weight, become more active but most of all become happy with ‘me’ and not be envious (in a nice way) of those people who are slim, eat the right foods, exercise, glowing with health and vitality. I want to discover a healthier me.

    1. Me Too!!!! I love AHA, Ive been on the FB group and subscriber to Youtube for…….????…..awhile!!! Today is a great day to invest in the Queens that we are!!! Lets receive all the secret treasures that fasting offers. Thank you Chris for sharing your journey, being caring and brave enough to share TRUTH!!!!!!!

      1. My pleasure!! I enjoy sharing these long forgotten truths. Harnessing the true potential of our healing power!

  30. Blessings everyone! I am here to take my life back spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Life has thrown me some curve balls over the past year. This roller coaster ride has to come to an end. The yo-yo dieting, blaming genetics, toxic people have to go. The time is now. I have been following Chris for a couple weeks and the information and testimonies are great. So here I am, choosing ME!

  31. I signed up for this course over a year ago and never started it. I was so excited about it but never started it for some reason… In the meantime I have been experimenting with fasting with some success but I would imagine if I did my homework I would have better result and be where I’d like to be by now… So with that being said… I am starting my courses today! I am excited! I will keep you all posted! .

  32. Good evening Chris:
    I just joined your weight loss course because I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of every weight loss program that hasn’t worked. I just got off of the Carnivore Diet which I did for 3 weeks only losing about 5 pounds, very disappointing. I don’t want to lose my momentum and want to start a 3 day water fast the day after quitting the Carnivore Diet. What do you think about it?

    1. My recommendation is that you start my fasting for weightloss course and follow it to the T. I dont ever recommend jumping into a fast without preparation. No momentum will be lost by following my course so that’s not an issue.

      1. Thanks so much Chris for your response but I asked you the question without going through the initial sections of the weightloss course that I had just purchased. Sorry for that! I am now followings the program just as you laid it out. I am looking forward to great success because I am ready.

        Thanks again

  33. Very good information. Wish me luck. I think that I might be drinking the wrong water. The distilled takes some getting use to. Just found out that the geyser water is a no go. Has been all over the news and you tube.

    1. Distilling at home is the best way because you know what you’re getting. If you don’t like the taste try buying it in glass containers, that should solve the problem.

  34. Hello, my name is Salena. Thank you for this blessing! Today is day one of a healthy lifestyle change for my family and me. It’s been a long four years of struggling not only with my weight but with my health. I am ready! Thank you.

  35. How important is using distilled water during my fast? Today I’m using filtered water because it has been sleeting and snowing out here, but I plan to make a store run eventually.

  36. happened across your course tonight and joined immediately . I have tried everything even intermittent fasting, lets see where this leads me. water is my weak point because the colder the weather gets the less I drink.
    I have listened to your intro and yes I truly agreed with it all. I want to loose weight but the health benifits sound awesome too. I am ready to stop the yo-yo dieting .

  37. Almost three years ago I was 130 lbs, and now due to a car accident, I am 192lbs and do not know what to do. I am to seek help water is not something I know a lot about, but after reading the first topic, I believe I can do it. So I will be starting my journey this Monday. Wish me Luck

  38. Hi, joined yesterday and looking forward to keeping it real this time! Really anxious about starting, mainly because of the unknown, and don’t want to fail 🙂 Coming into the aussie summer it’s time to stop procrastinating!

    1. Welcome!! This is an exciting time for you, dont let your fear hinder your potential. You can literally accomplish whatever goal you have in store for yourself you just need to start taking steps forward. Let’s go!!

  39. Thank you so much! I have been watching our YouTube videos for some time and I am ready to start. I joined today because I need the direction. I have tried and failed so many times and it was because I did not prepare. I have downloaded the material and will begin my week long preparation immediately. I am excited and looking forward to the challenge.

    1. When I was in college I heard someone say “we do not plan to fail, we fail to plan”. I found the to be so profound. Whenever I’m looking to do something new in life and I want to have a high chance of success, I plan! Fasting no different planning the process removes the unknown and gives you clear concise directions. Preparing is step one.

  40. After waking up this morning and reflecting on my life and where it currently stands as it relates to my health, I turned on Youtube and found your channel. I immediately came to your website and joined. I currently am pre-diabetic, have consistent stroke level blood pressure and need to make the necessary changes to improve my health. I look forward to this new journey with the support of my new AHA family.

    1. Cedric, you have no idea how happy your message made me. Hear that you that upon just coming across my channel you were inspired to take it to the next level! Im really happy you are here. Everything you need has been outlined. Just move through everything take your time, be intentional. Here Is a video that may inspire you if you havent seen it already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE2Xa04iVMc

  41. I just signed up this morning before work and I want to get started on my water fast. I find it very hard to fast because I am always busy working and walking to work passing by many old and familiar places that I frequently eat at. I need help and I need it right now. Lol

  42. I have just completed the Introduction! Now I must be/stay consistent to the process! I know it won’t be easy, if it’s to be it’s up to me! Thank you for the five keys for beginners like me!

    1. Absolutely. You can do this. You’re correct it won’t be easy but I’ve certainly outlined the most simplistic way to go about it. Think about your journey in portions of 24 hours. Each day have a goal in mind and just it your 24-hour goals each day

  43. Hello Chris
    Thank you for the welcome video and the course on fasting. This is helpful! I love the fact that you share receipts and have instructions on how too.

  44. HI Chris I am so glad to learn about AHA I was reading about you last week and Monday I tried a 5 day fast today my 5th day I have lost 11lbs I am ready

  45. I was on this journey for about thirty to forty years ago. But I never knew it could be this engaging as this. Better well being. No sloppy adipose tissue. While I was watching you, I had already started. Right now I have diabetes and I didn’t know I could eat fruit and still come out of this. My goal is doing fourteen days. Let us see.

    1. Nice!! I love your energy! Yes you can certainly use fruits. The goal is to allow the pancreas the opportunity to heal by rerouting the energy for digestion to detoxification. That’s exactly what fasting does

  46. I’m just joining today. I’ve tried just about everything out there to lose weight. Intermittent fasting seemed to work so well for everyone else, but not me. Didn’t even lose 5 lbs after a month of trying it. Of course :(. So, I guess if I try not eating anything at all, maybe my body will finally release some weight. Hoping for some success here.

  47. I’m happy to get started.

    I have a question… while on the water fast… do I continue with my blood pressure medication?

    1. @subrinaparker Very good question. As it comes to medication I can not tell you to stop taking it, but I can say that most members who have been successful getting off their medication reduced or eliminated their meds while fasting. I can Also so that if it were me I would stop taking the medication because ultimately I know it doesn’t help me heal. Heres a video I Did talking about it https://youtu.be/3tZMjEfSq3Y

      1. Thank you for the video! This was one of my questions since I take 2 pills everyday for hyperthyroidism and a blood thinner everyday. Gonna check it out now!

  48. I joined the academy today because I want to heal my body. This program is so simple and that’s how I know it comes from God. It will be challenging but it’s worth it to have the life of health & happiness that was promised.

  49. @elethiasampson I completely understand. All I can tell you is that altho it will be challenging to get started this process will help you deal with the loss of your family members and help you feel so much better about the future. Taking care of YOU is so important at this point in your life! Im so happy you joined.

  50. Welcome! I joined last week and I missed this page completely also. I am hoping to start the courses now. This is day t 2 of my fast and I need to get my head in the right place.

    1. I must that this computer stuff is a challenge for me and it will take me a minute to figure some things out. I first would like to start with changing that ridiculous photo 🙂

  51. I don’t know how I missed all of this encouragement, but thank you! I’m still going strong…journal entries and all. I feel so much better. I have more energy and clarity of mind.

  52. I’m excited and ready to go to the next level. I’ve lost 44 lbs in 9 months doing intermittent fasting. Didn’t know I was drinking the wrong water. I’m glad I found the YouTube channel!

    1. Its crazy how something as simple as drinking water could be so very important and bc of all the misinformation its actually a task trying to figure out how to do it properly. I’m happy I could help