December 2019

Fasting Call 6/20/2019


I was recently diagnosed with stage two lipedema.  It’s an inflammation of fat cells. And, the only way to cure them is with liposuction. This condition caused my legs to hurt, and I cannot lose fat. That’s inflamed. What type of fasting, how long and how often would you recommend to fight inflammation?

A week ago, I completed a [one]day water fast to help with my chronic fatigue syndrome, but found I am way more exhausted after the fast than before. Is this normal? How soon does one’s original energy levels return? I don’t think I can manage another long fast anytime soon. I got pretty skinny. I can’t pick up weight quick enough while still eating healthy in order to do another fast soon. What would you recommend to do now? I am tempted to try a five day per month to get a autophagy and STEM cell activation without depleting my energy and fat reserves. What do you think?

[Controversial but enlightening] Should you fast while pregnant?

31:32 Angelique comes on to ask her questions

Have you ever tried a salt water flush, and would you recommend it?

why does it seem that men lose more and I’m assuming more weight than women while fasting? And is there a scientific reason behind it?

last Sunday I did a video talking about the death of Robert Lockhart. Robert Lockhart is a, I guess he’s a raw foodist – I think fruitarian. And he taught people’  how to eat for wellness, how to heal disease. And, he’s a proponent of fasting and things like that.

So, the world was kind of shocked when he died at 75 years old, and there was a lot of questions on the group asking about dry fasting, is it safe, et cetera. And so this kind of goes back to what I mentioned earlier on the first question we were talking about, you know, utilizing dry fasting for inflammatory diseases and things like that…

56:06 Chris and Dee share minimally on the topic of essential oils. (Reach out to Dee or Chris for more information on the essential oils.)

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