AHA Fitness Exercise Demonstrations

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AHA Endurance/ Hypertropthy Exercises

Walking lunges

Leg extensions (machine)

Leg curls (standing cable)

Leg curls (machine)

Lateral raises

Lat pull downs

Hip flexion (cable machine)

Hip extension (cable machine)

Hip adduction (standing cable)

Hip adduction (machine)

Hip Abduction (standing cable)

Hip abduction (machine)

High angle push-ups

Glute bridge

Front raises

Machine back fly (prone grip)

Military press

Vertical leg press machine

T-bar rows

Sumo squats

Standing lunges

Standing leg extension (cable)

Standing calf raises (machine)

Side lying leg adduction

Side lying leg abduction

Side Lunges

Shoulder shrugs

Shoulder around the world

Seated shoulder press

Seated calf raises

Pull-ups prone:neutral: supine grip

Farmers carries

Face pulls

Machine chest flys: incline

Laying dumbbell squeeze up

Incline dbell curls

Incline dbell chest press

Frontal plane curls

Ez bar curls

Ez bar curls (21's)

Dumbbell overhead adduction

Dumbbell chest press- prone: supine grip

Dual arm skull crushers

Biceps:Hammer curls

Bicep curl machine

Bench press

Overhead Dbell squats

Overhead triceps extentions

Dumbbell back rows

Dumbbell back flys

Dumbbell "Snatchee's"

Dorsiflexion (resistance band)

Dips (body weight)


Curtsy lunges

Cable back rows

Barbell Squats

Triceps pull downs prone: supine grip

Triceps press ups

Triceps kick backs

Triceps extension machine

Push-ups close:wide: diamond: archer

Weighted plank