Essential Rosewater Experience – A Follow up to Q&A Call

What I had forgotten –

I had forgotten the experience that comes along with drinking rosewater until last night (a couple of nights ago now).

I, unknowingly, filled my Vitajuwel bottle with 1.5x diluted, sucussed (aka vigorously shaken) essential rose oil water. I normally dilute twice before consuming.

What I noticed –

I noticed about 9 seconds after drinking that about 10oz of what if I just gulped down was indeed essential rosewater. How did I know? You would think it was the floral-like taste that would have caught my attention, but no, the taste did not register in my mind until being used to confirm what it was. I knew because I instantly lifted. I do not mean like physically hovering in the air, but the feeling matched.

I lightened, my vibration elevated to one of serenity, control, balance, knowing, and sureness instantly then carried into the next day where a few hours ago (a couple days now) after riding, my eyes drew to the rosewater filled Vitajuwel bottle and I got moved to write this.

Have you tried essential rosewater? What did you feel? Post in the comments. If you haven’t tried it and would like to, say so in the comments. Plants are really god’s medicine, and I’m grateful for it.

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  1. With our regional tribes in the Pacific NW, rosewater is essential to cleansing. From having bad dreams to having to take care of a loved one who has passed on, rosewater helps us on all levels. But it’s not like the rose water you would buy in the store.

  2. Wow, that’s a really really interesting experience, and for some reason, it seems to flow well with the “idea” of what the rose essential oil might do.