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Transform Yourself !
Gain Confidence !

In a Way Where You Don’t Have to be Excessive about it!

To the AHA Family,

Do you fear working out?

Do you find yourself, in the gym, wandering aimlessly, having but a clue about what to do or how to plan a SUCCESSFUL workout?

Have you found yourself watching exercise videos on YouTube during the week and trying to EXECUTE them on the weekend at the gym with no real goal, guidance or game plan and frustratingly wondering why you have not the look you want?

Or maybe, you have already done some fasting and have achieved your goal weight (or you are very close to it), and while you are satisfied with the weight loss, you are not exactly happy about the “leftovers”, the LOOSE SKIN that can sometimes stick after losing a ton of weight, and now you want to tighten up, feeling comfortable in your own skin in your own home.

Or, You might not have had weight challenges, but instead, you have incorporated fasting as a way to heal your organs and glands and now are ready to enhance your vitality and your look, like, you want to be at the beach without a shirt and be in a state of tranquility.

If This Sounds Like You,
Keep Reading BELOW

My, Oh My, am I EXCITED! 🤩


If you are ready to TIGHTEN, TONE and SCULPT your body and summon the GODDESS or GOD inside of you…
then YOU too should be excited for this one.

Just in time for the AHA Escapades in CANCUN (our inaugural retreat in Cancun, Mexico)!
The AHA Fitness Program was specially designed for the AHA Fam with teachings that are consistent and in alignment with A Healthy Alternative principles, which means that if you have been a part of the family for a while, have already conquered your fasting goals and have went from thinking “I 
think I am ready to start getting fit”

To thinking to yourself…

“YES SELF, it’s about time I start BUILDING a nice Temple, a PHENOMENALLY fit physique, the body I’ve been seeing in my dreams for the last couple months!”, then this is for you!

Change your life
within 6 Weeks

…and continue transforming after gaining MOMENTUM and CONFIDENCE!

"To the AHA Family member who is ready to take the next step in their healing journey, The aha fitness program is now here to help you"

Allow me to reintroduce myself

If you are in the AHA Community, then you already know me, Jon (J Free), and you’ve witnessed my transformation from being documented on the A Healthy Alternative YouTube channel and Facebook Group.

The short: I was Pre-Diabetic and 100+ pounds overweight. Needless to say, I had accumulated up a whole host of health issues.

And when those health issues began to rear their ugly heads with interference in my life, I got motivated to make a change and get my life back.

This led me to where I am right now with 100 pounds lost, the physique I wanted and habits that allow me to set goals and achieve them (sometimes exceed them), for this, I am grateful.

What’s just as important, though, is I am able to do physical tasks, even the everyday normal stuff, with waaayyy much less effort put in to it minus the early exhaustion that comes with being out-of-shape. Simply put, I just feel better. Wouldn’t you like to feel better too?

Look, I’ll be honest.

As I looked around at the world and then back at myself, I was riddled with frustration, anger, disdain, sadness for the state of society I was seeing. Too many sick bodies walking about. (Thank god things are changing with people becoming more aware.) I was inspired by the heavy emotions I was feeling regarding our society, and it occurred to me that I knew I had to be the change I wanted to see and then do my contribution. I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) looking to lead you on your journey to becoming a Fit Freak of Nature. This is the beginning of my contribution.

I don't want you to get discouraged thinking "oh, but working out is too hard" or "I don't have the time". You only feel this way when you don't have a plan and you don't know what you're doing.

You see, here, it was important to me to help my people who are ready and wanting to take their health to the next level and do it in a way that will be easily explained and digestible. Having lots of videos and examples of how to perform exercises and conduct oneself while in the gym setting so that Academy Insiders can avoid injury but still get "in-and-out" with a good workout was crucial for me to include the AHA Fitness Program. Many other programs simply tell you what exercises to do. I want you to learn about your body, hence the educational piece of the program, and be able to be lucid while in the gym so you can know what best to do for yourself upon reaching a certain level of mastery. In other words, Know what is truly important and what is not so as not to waste your time, effort or money.

Quick Rundown of the AHA Fitness Program:

*Component 1*

Intro – My overall goal and intended approach to fitness

Getting Started/Recommended Tools for Successful gym sessions

*Component 2*

Benefits of Weight Training

Setting your initial expectations surrounding weight training

*Component 3*

Stretching, Warmup and Cooldown


*Component 4*


Meditation, Distractions, Positive Self-Talk

**Component 5**


Cardio Exercise

**Component 6**

Stabilization, Endurance, Hypertrophy and Core Engagement


Stability Exercises

**Component 7**

Free Weights and Smith Machines

Lifting Technique and Gym Etiquette 

Endurance and Hypertrophy Exercise

Fasted Lifting, How does it work?

**Component 8**

Origin and Insertion (this module includes the 5 AHA Fitness Plans)

Balance of the Limbs

Do what You want and begin your fitness today


It’s kind of a funny thing, right? I mean, we all know that movement and exercise are important.

Yet, we don’t move. We don’t exercise. Why is this?

There are probably many reasons for this. Some of which I know, some of which I don’t. But, certainly, and I think you can agree, it is because our society has grown stupidly comfortable with sedentary life…sitting…all…day…every…day. Aside from the aforementioned discomforts that accompany an inactive way of life, excessive sitting adds to feeling unwell with things like poor posture, throwing your body out-of-whack!

What we need to do is take a STAND, do a little dance, make a little love and get down tonight… just kidding 🙂

People tend to be afraid of their potential, so I am not gonna go there

But seriously, how long are you going to go without giving your body what it wants (what it needs!), exercise, physical eustress (Eu- meaning "good" and stress meaning good stress), movement?

You see,

Many people tend to get confused by what products/supplements they should be taking (if any),
Or they get stuck wondering “how hard should I be going in the gym to achieve a desired look” and… “how often”,
Or, “what exercises are good for improving a specific area”.

What if there was a way you could know exactly what to do in order to look the way you want and eliminate the rest?

One example, there are exercises specifically targeted to certain muscles that complement the main muscles you’re working out that if you knew to “hit” those areas would dramatically enhance your goal aesthetic, but because you don’t know… you are left wondering why you don’t have the look you want.

It’s the classic case (ladies) of being at the beach and noticing some other woman’s butt and you say, defeated, “why doesn’t my butt look like that. I do squats!” This can be easily solved in most instances by knowing what muscles to “hit” and the exercises that support them. (If this sounds like you, I have a plan inside the program called “Big Glutes” for you.)

Another example is knowing the “skinny-fat” cardiovascular exercises to avoid and the right ones. I talk about this in Component 5 of the AHA Fitness Program.

Fasted lifting and how digestion affects our ability to recover, I talk about this.

The role breathing plays in effective workouts.
The importance of Sleep and rest.

AHA Family, answer me this.

Are you continuously looking in the mirror before bed at night PUNISHING yourself for not seeing the reflection of who you feel yourself to be?

If so, then I ask that you STOP PUNISHING YOURSELF, and begin REWARDING YOURSELF for making the next step toward marrying who you are on the outside with who you actually are on the inside!

You want to be completely comfortable, always, in the skin you came into this physical existence with.

What are you
waiting for?

Naturally, some people are going to be plagued by objections or resistance in the form of sneaky, yet noisy chatter that creeps into the mind telling you “you don’t need this”.

There are many variations to this.

Let That Be Them

But, Let that be others. Not you. You want to be more flexible, agile, powerful and confident in your daily activities, whether it’s making fewer trips to-and-fro the car to get groceries and not feeling exhausted afterward or playing with kiddies or grand-kiddies and finding that you are not “trying” to keep up but surprised that YOU ARE keeping up. Loss of energy is a by-product of aging. And aging, as being something that is normal, is a lie told to us in this society and we accept it as fact and perpetuate it.

Don't perpetuate it.

We are going away from that as we go toward improving our quality of living.
You can live a good quality life all the way up until your transition back into the spiritual, some call it death.

And Look,

There will be people close to you who are not gonna support you, and in fact, possibly even try to make you feel “bad” in your endeavors. I am going to impart upon you some wisdom: this is called Gaslighting.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person will sow seeds of doubt within you so that you begin questioning your own judgment and evoking within you, levels of low self-esteem. It’s when someone sees you from a distance, noticing you putting time and energy toward getting fit, going to the gym, executing on your plans and making progress but will say “I thought you were supposed to be working out” or “you kinda just look the same to me”, etc. I am telling you this upfront so that you can easily recognize it and have a label to place on it. They may not know that there’s a word for what they’re doing but when you spot it, simply smile in delight that you were able to pinpoint it and don’t say a word… or a simple “mhm” will suffice. Trust me on this.

You will feel good afterward. It works.

(DO NOT SKIP. Read This section FIRST before purchasing so that you know what you are getting.)

Who this program is for:

The AHA Fitness Program is for you if you want to remove the fear of working out and become more competent about your body as it relates to exercise. It is for you if you want to include a fitness program, created by a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who has fasting experience, that encompasses “A Healthy Alternative” principles to go along with your fasting regimen as you continue your healing journey so that you can fast track your way to your dream body in a way that is natural.

This program is not for you…

This program is not for you if you are looking specifically to “lose weight” only (we have another program for that)

This program is not for you if you are looking specifically to heal a diabetic condition or something similar 

If you are someone who is not looking to build better bone strength AS WELL AS the image of who you are and how you will be perceived… then this isn’t for you.

Inside, You’re getting: 

The Benefits of Weight Training, Explained

Importance of Recovery and How TO Recover Properly

Be Aware of Distractions and How TO Guard against them

The roles of Mindset, Meditation and Positive Self-Talk for Fitness Success

Stability Exercise Demonstrations

Free Weights vs Smith Machines

Material on Fasted Lifting, Nutrition and Cardiovascular exercise

Endurance and Hypertrophy Exercise Demonstrations

Deep Dive on Recovery and How To Efficiently Recover from a Workout (I share a really good recovery method inside)

5 AHA Fitness Plans


*access to an online community to help support you and your goals

Get exactly what you are looking for with

how to make muscles bigger or leaner, get six-pack abs or a nice shapely butt.


Value Proposition (What you get when you buy the AHA Fitness Program today):

5 Pre-written, Tested and Executed Fitness Plans – $97 Value

100+ Exercise Demonstration videos – $118 value

19 Modules (over 120 minutes) of recorded Deep Dive, educational videos *including scripts* – $97 value


You also are granted access to the AHA Academy Insider’s community 

(here, you can fraternize with other Insiders, grow acquainted, get support and offer it by posting your thoughts, opinions, feelings, and progress on the site-wide feed or through direct messaging with Chris, Jon and Dee or other Insiders, engage in forum discussions or even in smaller group environments within the academy… it’s definitely a whole new world we’re building with great things to come) – PRICELESS

As an AHA Fitness Program enrollee, You will also have access to any future material added to the AHA Fitness Program. This is also the incentive for getting in today because obviously as more material gets added, the price will have to go up -PRICELESS


So, let’s recap.


5 Pre-written, Tested and Executed Fitness Plans – $97 Value

100+ Exercise Demonstration videos – $118 value

19 Modules (over 120 minutes) of recorded Deep Dive, educational videos *including scripts* – $97 value


Access to the Growing AHA Academy Insider’s community 

BONUS: Any future material added to the AHA Fitness Program!


Today’s Special

$299 1-TIME


3 payments of $109

We don’t want to overload the academy with TOO Many people, we wish only to cater to those who are serious about wanting to feel good and look their best. We’re also curious to see how many bodies we can help shape by summer and carry into fall to debut at our Inaugural Retreat in Cancun, Mexico. Therefore, this offer will run until Mid-March, likely March 20th.

What to expect after enrolling in the AHA FITNESS program:


Scroll down, choose the payment option that is best for you.

On the next page,

Enter your email, first and last name, and create a login password to use when you login to the Academy website.

After completing your purchase (partial or full),

In the background, you will be sent an email from the address “support@ahafastingacademy.com”.
Open the email and read it.

(if you experience any issues along the way, reach out to support@ahafastingacademy.com)

Recommended is to go through the educational portion of the program several times and take notes in your own handwriting.

3 times is good, as the second time you go through, you will retain 70% more of what you might have lost on your first go-around, you can go through it fewer times or more. The option is yours.

If you are the one who is still here reading this to the end, then this is definitely for you. So,

We invite you…

TO Let Go of what is not serving you and create circumstances of change that will, and join us inside the AHA Fitness Program and the AHA Academy TODAY. Make the commitment to a better you.

See you on the inside, and Happy Healings

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