March-April 2021

March-April 2021

Fasting Call 3/11/2021


2:25 What are germs and bacteria?[topic discussed]

17:13 Will water fasting remove the gyno mastic gland?

21:01 Does the body get used to a level of fasting, and then you should extend your fasting regimen for weight loss? I do okay with fasting up to 20 hours, 24 hours. I did a 36 hour fast, and then three days later, I tried to do another 36 hour. And then I had headaches at the 20 hour mark. Does this indicate that I should wait to do more than three days, more than 20 hours or another 36 hour fast

Fasting Call 4/15/2021


00:00 When is the best time to use seamoss gel or a seamoss powder? What is good to take for inflammation?

5:28How often Can I drink water? I want to start water fasting?

8:00What kind of water can I take, hot, cold, warm or as desired? I’m presently in Scotland, where tap water is said to be very good for drinking. Also, when can one start taking the water as you water fast?

12:21 Okay, can one go to work while water fasting, knowing that there will be a lot be loss of energy due to lack of food?

18:16 How can I keep pushing even when exhausted, because I’m often thrilled to hear 30-day water fasting, 21 days water fasting, I just keep wondering, how is it possible?

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