March – April 2022

March - April 2022

Fasting Call 3/17/2022


0:01 What should I do while doing a rolling 72? 

02:10 I’d like to know what is the best way to approach imbalance fasting while doing strenuous workouts like weight training or CrossFit three times per week. I pay a monthly gym fee, and I’m wondering if I should pause my membership while doing the extended fast.

11:05 What vitamins Should I take? It’s okay to take vitamins what detox stuff should I take? And you know, I’m not I don’t really like a lot of different things. But the route brand has been well vetted by myself and the team so we feel very comfortable with their products, even though they’ll have a specifically a detox tea. The the greens, the real live greens are good for a similar thing. Is it correct to say that most of our energy burning is during during sleep?

15:40 Hello, do I continue to take my blood pressure medication during fasting? My doctor says yes, but then again, he doesn’t support fasting, either. I know I have. I have to decide that. What do most participants do?

26:43 How do you manage binge eating disorder at conclusion of extended fast you know, with this type of issue, it’s always like more of a you always kind of want to have a conversation with an individual. But one of the more general things you could do is you get yourself some black pepper, Essential Oil.

Fasting Call 4/25/2022


0:00 Once you make up your mind fast, how do you stop eating carbs in your craving stay focused and curb your appetite?

7:57 So when he, when he went through what he went through, he had to, he wasn’t he was basically taking therapy. They was like five days out of the week. And he’s a student as well as a teacher. So he’s learning. And then he was also put in positions where he had to teach and utilize what he was learning. So he knows it really well. And he has consultations available on unhealthy On the consultation page. Can we have a Facebook support group to or some way of sharing our, our journey daily? 

8:13 Can the root products be used while doing the liver gallbladder flush are where the root products clean the liver and gallbladder?

12:49 What that does for the liver. gallbladder flush is when you actually do the flush of the stones and the things that you’re going to release will they’ll have a very clean clear pathway out of you because you don’t want them to get lodged. So that’s actually a really good combination. Take two restores the night before you do your colonic

27:01 How often should the liver and gallbladder flush be repeated

28:30 I did a long-term fat 30-plus days of juice and water. Ever since then I’ve been experiencing swollen legs and feet. I went to the doctor, they said everything was fine. They gave me a diuretic, which is a water pill. I want to do long-term fast again. But you’re kind of hesitant. Can you speak on this?

31:58 What kind of water to use alkaline or spring when fasting?


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