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  • Animated Mel avatar Animated Mel Oh you definitely can do that! Both are good options but we're going to get you to that 14 day fast completion. What I would recommend is taking steps so it becomes easier to accomplish. 5 days seems to be where you're comfortable so let's push that 5 day fast to 7 days. Evaluate how you're feeling and proceed with more days until you're closer to that goal of 14 days. Cravings are a clear sign that you are evolving and becoming healthier. when those cravings come be aware that it isn't you who wants those things, it's the toxins leaving your system and they're simply trying to derail you from your goal. I've had cravings for things that I haven't had in years, so I know exactly what you're facing during this process.

    When you're drinking your gallon of water .. make sure you're sipping throughout the entire day from the moment you wake up.
    Not sure what you're doing for a living but try to take it easy as possible and not get in situations that are draining. Exerting too much energy could cause you to feel like you need to eat. So relax. Now if it comes to a point where you feel you have to break your fast...make sure you do it with some fruit or fruit juice. Anything else is absolutely forbidden. And just pick it from there. There's no pressure to do it all in one go so take your time and be aware of how you're feeling, that's what's most important.
  • maegan.cone avatar maegan.cone Thank you! I originally wanted to do a 14 day water fast but ended up breaking the fast at the end of day 5 due to cravings. I would still love to complete a 14 day fast but would also be happy if I could complete another 5 days at least.
  • Animated Mel avatar Animated Mel You've completed the 5 day water fast, that's so amazing. Now roughly 3 days into your current fast, you're killing it! Great stuff. First, what kind of fast are you currently doing?
  • Animated Mel avatar Animated Mel When you're doing you're OMAD, how are you feeling? Relive greens is a really good option that will provide the necessary nourishment. If you're currently doing OMAD then that should be your focus. Doing too much at once could become overwhelming and it won't yield the results you desire. Now after you finish your OMAD transitioning to a water fast will be so much easier. Be aware of how you're feeling and move accordingly.
  • maegan.cone avatar maegan.cone Hey coaches, any advice for dealing with hunger cravings and fatigue? I completed a 5 day water fast last week and am currently 67 hrs into my current fast. I do not want to end up breaking my fast early so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 😊
  • Cheyenne on Purpose avatar Cheyenne on Purpose Incredible! πŸ‘πŸΎ πŸ‘πŸΎ πŸ‘πŸΎ that is such great news, wow thanks for sharing! The work your putting in is so encouraging 🀩
  • Hurricanenate avatar Hurricanenate To be honest, I'm actually doing very well - my brother and I digested quite a bit of Chris' content prior to joining the group, and I was already walking/running 30+ miles and lifting heavy 5 days per week, so when I discovered fasting, the weight just started falling off. I'm doing rolling 72's now and other than an occasional dip in energy, I feel great! So my goal is to really take it to the next level for my age (58), and see my brother win, as well as all of you. Great information throughout - knowledge is potential power, but no good if you don't take action and apply it! 😎πŸ’ͺ🏾
  • Chrissiverde avatar Chrissiverde Hello, I feel like I’m not getting enough green veggies in doing OMAD. Does anyone know whether the Relive Greens will fill the void. Or should I just focus on going deeper in the fast and healing process?
  • Cheyenne on Purpose avatar Cheyenne on Purpose What also helped me in the transition is researching what those so called treats are actually made of! Then I would look up and then make the tastiest alternatives for us to enjoy when I am in my eating window. Hubby loves to share snacks with me and long as they are delicious, he’s usually on board even if they are β€œsuper healthy” πŸ™‚ I hope this also helps!!
  • ArchAngel | CPA Prep avatar ArchAngel | CPA Prep Thanks so much <@521014602985766932>. I have discussed the importance several times. We have tried dieting together in the past. I just have to say continue to say NO and be very stern about it.
  • Animated Mel avatar Animated Mel In situations where your significant other may indulge in carbs and sweets I would suggest that you talk to them. Let them know about this health journey you're on and how important it is to you. It would be amazing if you both were on it together but if that's not the situation then help them understand how important this is to you. Until you have total control of your urges I would recommend keeping them out of sight as much as possible. You can hide them from yourself in advance. Have your significant other place them in locations that are different from where you would normally see them.

    Now, if you find yourself in a situation where you absolutely can't avoid them or from being near you, remove yourself from that location. Go for a walk, listen to some tunes, and remind yourself why you started this. Always, when in the face of temptation we forget why we began our journey in the first place. We can't allow unhealthy desires to continue. There's always a way to avoid the things we don't want in our lives. Remember your purpose. I know those cravings are intense, we all have them when we're going through this phase of becoming healthier. Don't settle for a temporary moment of satisfaction, it feels good in the moment but does absolutely nothing for your purpose.
  • ArchAngel | CPA Prep avatar ArchAngel | CPA Prep Hello Everyone! It's encouraging to see all these wonderful posts!! I'm not new to fasting. It was easy breezy when I was single and younger.

    My Main struggle: How can one stay focused on their fasting/dieting routine when your spouse likes carbs and sweets. I feel that I need a plan to be prepared for when I get offered carbs and sweets. I can hold out for a few days but eventually give in. If I were on my own, maintaining discipline would not be an issue. I'd love to hear your suggestions...
  • Cheyenne on Purpose avatar Cheyenne on Purpose Thank you, hoping all the best for you in your journey as well! What are you looking to accomplish at this time?
  • Stephen Michael Wellness avatar Stephen Michael Wellness there are a few general "Rule of Thumbs" for electrolytes and working out, Which is Don't do them... lol BUT depending on your goals and how you respond when you start those can change. fasting is personal and depending on your overall GOAL for each fast will determine what you can add or subtract from it and what type of fast you should do !