September – October 2021

September-October 2021

Fasting Call 9/16/2021

an you fast till all the fat and toxins are gone, like till 8% body fat?

2:50 In one of your videos, you briefly advise viewers not to refrigerate their sun water. Why is that? Also, does this same advice apply to our freshly squeezed juice and fruit? Is it not better to refrigerate our fruit and structured energize water for optimal benefits?

9:37 What are some signs when you’re on a fast it is time to break a fast? 

22:13 Why is body creating cancer?

23:21 If cancer is a system that the body has created in order to suspend toxicity, prolong life and all these things, how do we work with it? How do we work with cancer to heal your body?

31:11 How do you stop yo-yoing? Slim and Sassy isn’t working for me.

37:07 How do you keep your brain focused enough to stay on the course of a longer fast?

39:46 Healthy alternatives, Fasting and Learning.

Fasting Call 10/22/2021

an we get support via Facebook? In addition to the academy? 

2:21 Launched the 21 Day Fasting Challenge.

06:15 Trying Heavy Metal Detox

15:40 Testing Herbal Blend

18:29 AHA Fasting Journal Revamped.

21:24 Importance of being Intentional.

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