AHA Fitness Exercise Demonstrations

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AHA Stability Exercises

Torso Stretch

Stability ball crunches

Squat to curl and press

Single leg squat touch down

Single leg Romanian deadlift

Single leg cable curls

Single leg bicep:hammer curl

Single arm lunges

Side plank rotation

Side plank w: thrust

Supine overhead weight holds

Supine toe taps

Shoulder Stretch

SMR basics

Neck stretch (All directions)

Hamstrings: Quadriceps stretch

Figure 4 stretches

Calf stretch

Butterfly stretch

Bosu ball squats

Biceps: Triceps stretch

Supine toe touch

Single leg shoulder scaption

Single leg lateral raise


Stability ball dumbbell shoulder press

Multiplanar step ups

Mountain climbers

Marching hip bridge

Lunge step up curl & press

Hanging leg:knee raises

Flutter kicks

Calf raises

Bosu ball Push-ups

Bird dog

Bosu Ball Plank

Prone cobra

Russian twists (weighted)

S ball vertical adduction (Pull Downs)

S ball triceps kickbacks

S ball skull crushers

S ball overhead adduction

S ball chest press

S ball chest flys

S ball cable back rows

S ball back flys

Russian twists

Single leg squats

S leg horizontal Adduction: Abduction